How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Intro Templates


If you’re just starting out with a new blog, you might be looking for some inspiration on how to make it appealing and inviting. You might also be wondering what type of template to use or which design would suit your blog best. 

If this sounds like you, read on! In this article, I will discuss the many benefits of using a pre-designed template when designing your blog and share some suggestions for the best sites where intro templates can be found.

What is an “intro template”?

 An intro template is a style or type of design that you can apply to your blog. It will usually consist of a header image, a banner image or slider, and a background that matches your chosen design.

What are the benefits of using an intro template?

 The most obvious benefit would be time saved. You’re not designing every single element yourself, so you won’t need to spend much time at all on your design. (Although, there are some sites where you can customize the background and text on your site.)

The second benefit to using a consistent design is that it will make your blog more appealing to people who don’t know you. With just a few clicks, they can instantly download and use the exact design that you have chosen. They will immediately have a better grasp of what your blog is about.

 How do I find an intro template?

 There are actually many sites where youtube intro maker can be found, but these seem to include the most popular ones: Themeforest, Weebly, Etsy and Blogger. Take a look around and see which one best suits your style.

Are intro templates easy to use?

 Some are more simple than others, but most of them are designed to be uploaded without worrying about any code. It is even possible to upload an intro template by copying the HTML code from the site and pasting it into your blog’s editing page. 

It’s really that simple! If you’re concerned about getting your design looking exactly like it should, there are some sites where you can customize the colors and background of the template.

How do I know which design to choose?

 There are some very popular designs out there. You can find them on social media sites such as Tumblr, Pinterest or Facebook and feature them on your own blog. 

The challenge is intro maker sure that your blog fits in with the style of the template that you choose. If you have a more unique idea for your design, it’s always possible to customize the background and detail of a pre-designed template to get it just right!

Should I create my own intro template?

 It is entirely up to you! If you would like complete control over every aspect of your blog creation and would prefer not to use an intro template, then by all means, go ahead! You can also browse around on sites like Themeforest and Weebly for designs created by other bloggers.


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